The e-Marketplace

You may be wondering how your Internet Consultant can offer such advanced Internet Solutions for less (sometimes a lot less) than other Web Developers charge for their customized solutions. The key lies in creating economies of scale; pooling resources and spreading costs across a large global network. This concept is at the heart of the WSI network and is one of our biggest competitive advantages - an advantage that definitely pays off for our customers.


The WSI e-Marketplace is comprised of a number of production facilities located in strategic areas throughout the world; carefully selected and approved vendors and authorized suppliers, each an expert in their respective fields; and of course, our Internet Consultants. Every member of our e-Marketplace is connected to the others via our proprietary project management system. This allows seamless communication and collaboration between e-Marketplace members whether they're in San Diego or Sydney - a terrific example of e-Business in action!


So how does this lower costs for your? Because our network is so large, the costs of research and development, technical production and specialized services are shared among all of our Internet Consultants, allowing them to pass the savings on to you. This is why the local Web Developer on Main Street charges more for their Web Solutions; it's not necessarily because they're greedy, they just have to recoup all of their development costs on a project-by-project basis.


When you work with a WSI Internet Consultant, you benefit from the personal attention of a local business professional and the cost-savings and stability of a large international company. It's the best of both worlds and another advantage of working with WSI.


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