The site is awesome; I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for all the hard work and dedication that went into making this a huge success. We were just discussing that WSI has been our best out sourced partner in the last 5 or so years.

Again many thanks,

Mark Hunsinger
Technical Services
Hagemeyer North America


Well WSI certainly didn’t disappoint. The site has out preformed our expectations by 5 fold and we are in the process of reviewing how we handle our growth and distribution given our recent online success. Please give the entire team a “big” thank you.


Tom Davidson

Medcom Soft

This WSI “Benchmarking Strategy” has really paid off and our board of directors are extremely pleased.

Thanks again for getting for making all this happen, as promised.



Hey Team, just a quick note of thanks for all your hard work on the 2006 Stretch Drive Program. WSI blew the doors off our expectations with its integrated strategies and really set us up for a great 2007.


Steve Hartkopf
VP Marketing

Canadian General Tower

Just a quick thank you to you and your team for making all this happen. The integrated marketing approach is really new for us and the results have been fantastic. I can’t believe all the information and tracking reports WSI has been able to show us.

Keep up the good work,

Rick Chaplin

Marketing SherpaSEMPOLyris HQ