Pay Per Click (PPC)

Due to years of constant information overload experienced by your potential clients, advertising has slowly lost its desired effect. People have learned to simply block out advertisements, glancing over them without ever really seeing them and ultimately ignoring them. This provides a unique problem for search marketers.


So ask yourself, "how am I supposed to deliver my message is such an over-crowded marketplace?" Well, the answer is really quite simple. When you understand your prospective customers, their lifestyles, their habits and driving needs, you put yourself in a distinct position to market to them. This is done by creating advertisements attuned to their subconscious wants, triggering impulse reactions.


Our solution – Search Advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click, or "PPC".


Since the introduction of PPC, it has quickly become one of the foremost methods of advertisement in the online world. The reason for this is that you are given the ability to market directly to a prospective customer while they are in the middle of searching for a product or service. This is done through search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo!


When we create your PPC Campaign, we develop a list of industry specific keywords which we then bid on through Google, MSN or Yahoo! By creating relevant landing pages and advertisements, we are able to drive the cost-per-click down for each keyword. The great thing about PPC advertising is that you only pay when your ad is clicked on. By assigning a daily budget to the campaigns, we can ensure that your monthly advertising budget is never exceeded.


Allow us to further elaborate on our process:

  1. We create a unique, industry specific keyword list and analyze its performance rate.
  2. We break that keyword list down into categories of closely related search terms.
  3. We write three custom tailored advertisements for each category or "Ad Group".
  4. We create your PPC Campaign and begin bidding for position on your keywords.
  5. We analyze the campaign daily and make changes to maximize your success rates

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