Las Vegas Internet Marketing Team

At WSI, we believe in a team approach to Internet marketing. By combining business & marketing executives, website design & development professionals, and search engine & analytics experts, we can develop an integrated strategy that makes the most effective use of your marketing dollars. Because we all have different skill sets, our roundtable of professionals can work on their individual area of expertise and in harmony with each other to develop a solution that is professional and optimal from every standpoint.

We know that great design, search engine position or even the newest technology, alone, will not be enough to effectively maximize the power of the internet. It is the combination of creative, analytical, technical and business minds that can best ensure success.

Our team of WSI Grows Profits Internet specialists include:

  • Business and Marketing Professionals
  • Production Managers
  • Web Graphic Designers
  • Technology Developers
  • Website Programmers
  • Flash Developers
  • Website Copywriters
  • Photographers
  • Search Engine Analysts
  • Video Producers

Owner, CEO , WSI Las Vegas, WSI Grows Profits
Michael Watkins

Michael Watkins’ background includes copywriting, project management, and production development for advertising agencies in addition to sales and marketing leadership in broadcast television and online advertising.

With over 20 years of both traditional and new media experience, Mike’s insights into the forever changing media world have become a vital resource to business owners and marketing directors. Having sold and managed literally hundreds of campaigns utilizing convergent media, his experience has made him one of the leading experts in media efficiency.

Mike’s marketing and advertising experience, along with the worldwide expertise of WSI, make WSI Grows Profits a powerful force for businesses looking for the most cost-effective means to grow their competitive advantage.

Contact Michael by e-mail:
Phone: 702-270-8772

Co-owner, President WSI Las Vegas, WSI Grows Profits
Nicole Dupre

Nicole Dupre, a marketing executive with expertise in print, analytics, and social media marketing, partnered with Mike in the firm. Nicole contributes a wealth of knowledge in new media strategy and execution.

WSI Digital Marketing partners with various advertising agencies, marketing professionals, and business owners to fulfill marketing goals emphasizing the opportunities in convergent media.

Contact Nicole by e-mail:
Phone: 702-270-8774



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