Mobile Phone Web Sites

With the proliferation of mobile phone Internet use, a competitive advantage for your business is a separate mobile phone web site that allows your customers to engage with your business while on the go. Mobile phone web sites, otherwise known as Mobi sites, have some matching design characteristics with your main site, but are much faster to load on mobile phones. In general, they have limited functionality to keep the site from becoming bogged down, but have targeted features that your customer would use best on a mobile device.

Some incredible facts about Mobile Phone usage in the U.S.:

There are approximately 235 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S. Across all ages, 69% of all users use SMS (text) messaging, with SMS usage at 84% amongst youth ages 13-34, and as high as 64% among adults ages 35-64.

Mobile Internet use has also become mainstream, with use approaching 30% across all ages and phone types, and 40% for ages 13-34. More than 88% of all active handsets in the U.S are enabled for SMS, and 64% are enabled with browsers to access the Internet.

“In the last twelve months, customers around the world have ordered more than US $1 billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device," – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of (July 2010).

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