Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization is critical to the small businesses in southern Nevada that wish to sustain a competitive advantage. It has never been more important to be found easily online as media consumption habits have migrated to the Internet. Over 60% of us prefer to do business with companies in our own neighborhood. Of course, competition continues to be heavy in local communities, and competition for placement on search engines is stiff as well. As a business owner, how can you stand out and easily be found?

Las Vegas Local Search Applications

The major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, have a business mapping application allowing you to claim your own business listing. This listing gives a business an opportunity to describe its products and/or services, provide a physical address, and the benefits of doing business with them. In addition, the local listing includes a map with associated directions that is pulled up to make it easy for a user to come to your business. These search listings are pulled when a search engine recognized your location and gives you relevant businesses that are in your area.

Local Search Engine Optimization (LSO) in Las Vegas has become essential to all businesses with a local market focus. In October, 2010, Google revised is map application—Google Places—so that local listings were integrated into the main body of search results, putting those listings in the top spots to receive optimal traffic. Those businesses that had not claimed their listing, and were not optimized to show on the first page of relevant keywords, saw an overnight drop in activity.

Additionally, as more and more mobile phones are used to locate businesses, Local Search Engine Optimization is critical. A recent report claims that Google dominates mobile searches by more than twice its closest competitor, making Google Places optimization a must.

Another element of Local Search optimization is how well your website carries local content and local keywords. Read more about Search Engine Optimization.

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