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The “Big Picture” of internet marketing is the key to staying focused, committed and motivated while cutting out all of the background noise of the internet marketing world. Invest your time and money training and obtaining only the things that will compliment your online business and help you grow it.


Spend the time filling in the pieces of the big picture as it pertains to your online business.


The big picture entails four key components:

  1. Product
  2. Conversion
  3. Traffic
  4. Follow-up Marketing

When these four components come together, they make up the core foundation of any successful internet business. This is the secret to making money online.


First, we have product. In order to have a successful internet business, you need to have a product to offer people. You can’t make money if you don’t have anything to offer. Despite what many people believe, creating a product isn’t that difficult and there are many types of product you can create to put into the market.


These products could be eBooks, software, video or audio and these are just scratching the surface. These are only a few of many digital products you could sell online. Now, there are many ways to put together a product quickly and simply, whether it be from resale rights, master resale rights or ghost written works.


Your product can be something as straightforward as a website with a subscription form for a newsletter or ezine. If you are focused on affiliate marketing, you could build a landing page to capture prospects before sending the traffic on to the affiliate site. This way you leverage promotions to build your own mailing list and keep the subscribers for yourself. By doing this, you can tap a cash source virtually any time you wish.


By creating a newsletter with new affiliate offers and sending it out to your mailing lists, you have the possibility to make thousands of dollars. You build trust with subscribers and create the ability to generate revenue consistently for years from your target market.


The next part of the big picture is conversion. This measures the rate in which you influence visitors to take the desired action on your website. If you can manage to get half of your visitors to take the desired action, you have a 50% Conversion Rate. Improving your conversion rate is important because it helps you minimize your efforts while maximizing your results.


Conversion is a massive study with many schools of thought. For the beginner internet marketer, there are a few basics that should be followed. The most important one being copywriting. You could have the world’s greatest product for sale, but if you cannot manage to convince your prospect of that and get them to buy, than you’ve failed. Your words are a bridge between you and your prospects, so you need to makethem powerful.


By adding things like graphics, audio and video to your website, you can increase your conversion rate by allowing your prospects to interact with your website. When you add testimonials to the site along with case studies, your conversion rate will also rise. This happens because you are not just making a statement about your product anymore, you are now backing that statement up with hard facts and proof.


Three tips for boosting you conversion rates are:

  1. Create safe communication in your copy so your prospects feel comfortable on your website.
  2. Create credibility and trust so your prospects believe in your products and want to make a purchase with you.
  3. Create a feel of urgency so your prospects are highly motivated to purchase.

The third part of the big picture is Traffic. Here are five keys to successful traffic generation:

  1. Not all traffic is created equal. Your focus is only on getting highly targeted and market specific traffic that will convert well to sales.
  2. Leverage all the traffic you get. Capture your visitors’ information for follow-up.
  3. Master at least one traffic strategy and use it as your main method.
  4. Do something everyday to get traffic to your site. Create a traffic generation plan and stick to it.
  5. Money ties your traffic by adding different profit streams within your website. You could have a one-time offer, affiliate offers or even Google AdSense

There are many ways to get traffic, but you need to align them to the five keys above. Traffic generation requires some work, be it from press releases, articles, pay-per-click or joint-ventures and affiliate programs.


The final part of the big picture is Follow-up Marketing. This is the most important part in making the bulk of your money. Follow-up Marketing profits are the key to excess revenue. Follow-up Marketing is finding complimentary, higher-end or recurring income products across multiple scenarios.

  1. Immediately after the sale or site launch.
  2. During the checkout process as an add-on option.
  3. A special offer or recommendation through follow-up email.

A huge portion of your profits will be generated by follow-up emails. This is why it is very important to capture the names and email of your site visitors and build your email lists. Affiliate products make great backend recommendations as you don’t need to create your own. You can simply offer affiliate products that give you high commissions, residual income or multi-tier profitability.


Make sure your backend products are complimentary to your market or site topic. This will help you create massive backend profit easily and consistently.

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