Case Studies

Old Site

New Site

We used landing page concepts not only to analyze key words with faster conversion; but also to finalize our creative design.

Our Strategy

Based on our research and benchmarking strategy we have been able to increase our client’s overall traffic by 32% in just 4 months.


Using our benchmarking results we have been able to increase their organic position as noted below as well as their conversion rate from approximately 1.75 to an average of 7.6% within that time frame using different landing pages.


The new site is targeted for early October so we will be taking down some our current landing pages and are in the process of developing a couple of new ones as this has proven to be key in driving results test, refine, test and refine.


The following list is a sampling of our keywords with previous and current Google positioning.


  P=Previous position C=Current ranking
EMR 200+ 140
EMR software 50 25
Electronic medical record 230 151
Electronic health record 100 77
Cardiology emr 114 20
Family practice emr 325 9
Internal medicine emr 357 34


Current conversion rates are:
Paid 5.5% Conversion Rate
Organic 10% Conversion Rate
Site Average 7.6% Conversion Rate


These conversion rates are based on a site visitor reaching the “contact us form”. We expect their conversions to increase with our new short form which will appear on key product pages in an effort to capture additional leads which is in their new site.


Since April 07 to date, their organic traffic has increased 32% overall, while their organic Google traffic has increased 65%. Previously, the primary traffic method was direct entry; however, Search Engine traffic is now the primary source of traffic. Branded search still accounts for 25% of site visits. The number of new visits has increased 25%.


In addition to their SEO/PPC we have been increasing their presence through PR and industry forums/blogs such as EMRupdate which recently promoted an interview with their CEO and Founder.

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