Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing is the practice of delivering advertisements to prospects that follow a general pattern of finding information online. The WSI team can display your ad to people who have shown recent online behaviors/interests that are relevant to your business. For example, a car dealership ad can be shown to people who look for car reviews on line, or a nursery ad can be shown to people researching pesticides for their rose bushes.

Behavioral Marketing includes:

  • Endemic Targeting – displays your ad to people on category-specific sites
  • Contextual Targeting—displays your ad to people on sites featuring content related to your business
  • Engagement-based optimization—steers your ad dollars to the sites that are most cost-effective in bringing people to your business
  • Remarketing—displays ads to people who have previously visited your site to recapture their interest.

Contact the WSI team today to see how Behavioral targeting can help you meet your marketing objectives.

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